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What is my home worth?


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Do you ever wonder how much your HOME worth? Unsure whether it’s a right time to sell? What properties are being marketed today? These are the questions lots of our clients have in today’s SELLERS MARKET.


With interest rates so low, rate of return on homes are insane in the GTA as people have made over 100% profit in less than 5-7 years in some areas as low interest rates have motivated people to take on larger mortgages.

Looking at the property price graph from Toronto Real Estate board, we see dramatic rise on average home prices over the past 20 years.

Only if you can have a crystal ball, you can decide what to do. However, looking at the prices for the past 10 years, we can see that over extended periods of time, house prices rise significantly.

The Economist recently reported that Canadian house prices are 89 per cent overvalued compared with rents. Does this really mean that homes prices need to come down?


Is it the right time to sell your house? Look at the historical data…..


As Robert Champion in The Globe and Mail recently published

As Robert Champion in The Globe and Mail recently published
“As we age, many of us sell our homes and use the proceeds to help fund our retirement. Knowing that we will need to sell our homes at some future date, we look at the rising house prices and assume that they will continue to rise. We believe that we will benefit from deferring the decision to sell. That could be a huge mistake: If you choose not to sell your house in the near term and prices decline, a health or financial crisis could force you to sell at a much lower price.

For older homeowners, here is the key takeaway: The historical data show that when house prices decline, it takes 10 years or more for them to recover. Younger homeowners have time on their side; they can afford to wait for prices to recover. Older homeowners may not have that luxury.”


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