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Do I Really Want To Sell My House?


You are thinking about selling your house; you may still be toying with the idea of doing the job yourself. You may be wondering whether you like to engage a REALTOR. Well, your decision to sell your greatest and most personal asset to the open market can be overwhelming. Most people have mixed feelings about selling and moving on, even if they have good reasons to do so. You have enough to deal with emotionally – your future plans and goals, nostalgia over what you’re leaving behind…you shouldn’t have to worry about how the sale is going to happen, and the last thing you need is an agent who is not listening to you and not responding to your specific needs.


Is there such thing as RIGHT TIME to Sell?


Real estate never stops – Though spring and fall are the most active seasons, people decide to sell at off season, so they may get better price due to supply and demand. Sometimes going a little bit against the grain has helped our clients get TOP dollars. For instance, if you own your home in a busy trading area where traditionally people wait until after Labor Day to put their homes on the market, we might list your home a couple of weeks before Labor Day so your home will get all the attention it needs. We will look at all these factors, keeping your ultimate goals and timelines in mind, and help you determine the best time to sell.


Biggest Problem….


Can you believe that the number one complaint from both homebuyers and sellers is that Realtors don’t return their phone calls? That honestly blows us away. We understand from personal and professional experience how stressful a home sale can be, and we know the last thing you need is to have to chase down your Realtor who’s entrusted with selling your most cherished asset!


Choosing A Right Realtor…..


When working with a realtor, you should be able to see him or her as a partner who can not only guide you through the process, but will also help you make an informed decision by providing you with the following:

  • HOUSE prices in your neighborhood;
  • Sell your home FAST;
  • Get you $$$$ more on your HOUSE;
  • Charge less commission and hence put more money in your pocket; and
  • Responsive, listens to your needs and reacts quickly.

At, we commit to providing excellence in service by doing all of the above and more than what other Realtors would do for 2.5% commission at only 1% COMMISSION.


Only difference, we PUT more $$$$ back in your Pocket!


With Home prices soaring in the GTA, 2.5% commission adds up to a significant NUMBER. With 1% commission, on average our clients SAVE TENS of thousands of DOLLARS while getting full service MLS including:

  • Home Readiness Audit/Checklist
  • Free Staging
  • Buy & Sell Discounts


Once you’ve decided to sell your home, you can count on us:

Our clients feel very comfortable working with our team, because we LISTEN… AND LISTEN. Let us explain the three top reasons why people choose as opposed to using other Realtors:

  • Market your property effectively to get right buyers fast;
  • Proper exposure and aggressive marketing to save time and money;
  • Expert offer negotiation to get you the best possible deal; and
  • After sale services until keys are exchanged to minimize your stress.